Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Of muses and men

I'm dissatisfied today, it happens.

I was very interested in a forum discussion about muses yesterday. I don't think I can have one in the way it's generally perceived as I generally have no erotic interest in the subjects of my work, but it got me thinking about the difference it would make to what I do if I was involved with a man.

There has only been one man in my life in the time I've been in this specific field of art and I can honestly say he did have an effect on what I did. I enjoyed having a man to think about when I was creating the pictures. In the buying stage and the photographic stage I started to think about what he would find erotic and incorporate it.

It's fun having someone to run scenarios by and see if someone else likes it- someone who would be interested that is. If I was to call up my girlfriends and start describing a secretary bending over a desk or a girl reclining in lacy panties, they'd soon stop picking up the phone. Maybe it's better now I'm just doing what I like.

It'd be great to have someone to stand in front of a mirror with and see what works so I could do sketches for some more boy/girl paintings.

If you see me in the sex shop buying a big blow up man- he's for practise posing with. And to prop up looking out of my bedroom window to deter burglars like some people have them in a car.

That's a brilliant idea! (Brilliant ideas like that are probably why I'm single) ;) If you see this post it's just short of a miracle- I'll think better of it in ten minutes and delete it!


  1. and that painting is LOVELY, by the way!!!!

  2. You make some good observations, I think. Many of the men I know have difficulty viewing, talking about, or posing for erotic art. And so do most of the women - with some exceptions. Some women pose with zero feeling- just a job- and I have noted that the ones who are involved enjoy BEING involved. They have the clearest opinions regarding the art, and some like to suggest poses and drawings of their own. Often that means, as the only man at a session, I have to work with photographs rather than the easel, as those ideas require a male bod. This also means- with more than one female model, that a series of works can be done from a single session. Maybe the mirror is a good idea.... though the painter MIGHT be distracted!!! Males have the sometimes awkward 'ability' to show physically what emotions they are experiencing, but I have noticed only a cupla times- if that has been me in the larger figure sessions- any negative reaction. Some of the women artists have actually done some 'flashing' or worn few clothes to deliberately create that situation. And the women that have specific ideas will state them- and if they are too wild for group sessions- will arrange private ones. It still boggles me!!! But I have gotten used to it, and find that keeping an open mind and pragmatic attitude has given my work more life and energy. I like that- keeps me drawing and painting- and I have learned that even if I have a low attitude for MY body- others like it- seeing some things I don't or at least having a bod to materialize their ideas with. Thanks for the blog- very interesting, and glad I could reply!!! regards as always O.G.

  3. It's interesting, there's such a big difference between nude art and erotic art but where the line is is entirely down to perception. I love going to life drawing class though I haven't been for years.
    What I draw is erotic in nature but someone in on the sessions wouldn't find it that way in the slightest. Well- I know some that would :/

    But what you've mentioned is just what I mean, that someone would try to get you aroused in that situation makes it a very different situation to anything I ever do. Sexual tension is just distracting and irritating if it's one sided. And it always is. I've been searching for a gay best friend with a great body so we can do photos then go dancing.

    I would have deleted this post but I'll leave it now you've added to it, I guess it's not too inflammatory, I've posted worse!

    Thanks about the painting, I wanted to take it to a show on saturday but the yellow is taking a strangely long time to dry. Oil paint drives me crazy!