Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Any ideas?

I'm totally stuck.

This started as an idea- originally I planned the standing figure to be holding the kneeling girl under the chin. I know what I mean but anyway- it didn't work!

Then I thought it should be a man, holding a crop behind his back. That didn't work either. This is only a sketch so far- I just want suggestions on what to do with the standing figure as it currently makes no sense. Maybe get rid of the standing girl altogether... what do you think??


  1. I have some ideas- let me work on them a bit and get back to ya later!!!

  2. All suggestions gratefully received! I need it to be something I can stage pretty quickly. I wanted to take it to the Norwich alternative sale next week. I'm so last minute!

  3. I have two ideas that you might like to consider... will get them to you after press work tonight... xx