Monday, 8 November 2010


I made this up.  Just started drawing straight on the canvas. I went to my photos to reference the position of the second figure's leg.

Why are they both girls? Because I haven't got the first idea what men look like any more. I'd get one round to model but they're always trouble. Girls look good together in paintings.

I'll have to wait a few days til it's dry before I carry on, and I usually mess these ones up in the next layer so thet might be the last you see of it...

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  1. Haha I wrote that when I was really tired.

    "I don't know what men look like any more"

    I make myself laugh sometimes. I meant I've become more accustomed to the sight of naked females and so I can't draw imaginary men. Not, I walk around with blinkers on and haven't laid eyes on a single man for years.

    Men are still prevalent in this part of the world...