Friday, 24 September 2010

So what DO girls like???

It's a question I spend much time pondering. You can try telling me girls aren't so different in their consumption of erotica but until the first website appears for girls to pay to watch men in the act of self-love, I'm not going to listen. When it does, the viewers will still mainly be men interested in looking at straight men for a change, and if it ever happens for real I can imagine just what it will be like. It'll be a humorous female bonding exersise like going to see a male stripper.

So that's how I know we're different. The trouble is, it really does matter to me. I've seen my blog stats, and the fact is that you, my reader, are more than likely a man who came across my blog by searching for "erotic" or "nudity" and you're nor my target market. There lies the problem. I'm trying to sell erotic art to a group of people who aren't looking for it.

BUT I've searched using those terms too. I'm an unusual female so I can't generalise from myself. I do know what I like, I know what my friends like and all I can do is carry on and hope that people find me. Male erotic artists often produce work that's like erotic photography aimed at men. Unnatural looking female, big makeup, big hair, early 20s. Full body pose, come hither look direct to viewer.

Some of the most extreme art I've seen comes from the female artists. Often the men seem to yearn for the 70s glamour model look. I like that too but not in a painting. Most of us do seem to concentrate on the female form in it's ideal proportions. For me that's mostly because all the women I know who agree to be models look like that. And that's how I look so I identify with it. And I think that's the point. Most of my paintings could be anyone. More often than not they end up looking like me if I put a face on them. I guess that's because I try to not have them identifiable so I change the features and my face is what I'm used to looking at. It gets on my nerves because I'd love my paintings to resemble what my own idea of attractiveness is, but it never works out!

I think ideally we like something atmospheric. We're not keen on harsh lighting. I don't think girls ever ask to have sex under a floodlight, so that's just the look that feels sensual to us. I guess the music we choose to make love to is the same thing. I almost disclosed my personal playlist but you're better off not knowing.  Men's magazines- women on the cover. Womens' magazines- women on the cover.  We like looking at girls, for different reasons though.

If it's the male form we're interested in looking at (it happens...) then I think often its a back view or a torso in a pair of jeans that really does it for us. Couples who look like they're having a really intimate hot sex session. Porn is too clinical to appeal to most of us in it's basic form. And porn for women isn't my thing at all. But then I hate ballads, chick flicks and period drama. Yuk.

So maybe I'm painting for an audience of one. Me. And maybe my friends.

Ah well, it keeps me happy ;)

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