Friday, 17 September 2010

Questions, questions...

It's been a while.

Shortly after my last blog post (rant) I just gave up and took time out. I've realised it was partly my fault. I hadn't realised what would happen and this charming naivety led to disaster.

One by one I shall answer all the questions which plague my working life and social networking.  We've established that I don't paint in the nude. That's always the one that made my face wrinkle the most. I frowned even typing it.

Here are other enquiries off the top of my head and I'll take them all on one by one so if I get asked again I can link straight here and get myself a glass of wine instead of vexing myself  trying to find the words.

Here are the questions. The answers may take a while, but check back- they're coming.

1 : Why do you paint erotic art?

2: Do you get turned on while I'm taking the photos or painting?

3: Why paint women if you are a straight woman? Why not men???

4: Why the pseudonym?

5: Do you want to see my.......?

Before I come back with answers I'd like to point out that these questions are mostly asked by strangers. Male strangers. And the strangest thing is how badly they seem to want the answers. There's often an anger behind the question that's very strange to me.  Indignance even.

If you follow me on social networking you'll see I'm now married. If you know me personally, you'll know I'm not.  That's stopped a lot of the cruder approaches. The reason I disappeared was because I couldn't deal with men thinking I was part of the deal and that they were paying for mutual arousal rather than a painting and I'd turned down all commissions because I didn't want to have to pretend. I began to know how prostitutes must feel and I'm notoriously bad at sucking up.

I'm now exclusively on more anonymous art sites and sites mostly visited by women or intelligent men and it's much easier.

Should I have to justify myself? Probably not. But I'd like to get it all out of my system and then just concentrate on the painting.

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