Friday, 17 September 2010



My eldest son needed a bedroom of his own and unfortunately there was only one option. A bed moved in, and I was without a studio.

My work has been on the large side until now,  it's easier and more physically satisfying to work on a larger scale and I'd just gotten used to larger and larger canvases. Without a home they suddenly looked like giants.

I'd been working on portraits and landscapes with a view to doing craft fairs locally and I hadn't really produced any good paintings for a while so I was quite happy experimenting.

Then I discovered the ACEO. What a fabulous invention. My kids are trading card lovers. Tiny little paintings. Perfect. It's not high art but that's not what I'm about and it's just such fun. My etsy page is increasingly full of these miniature paintings and I really love them.

I didn't think I could paint on a smaller scale but I'm getting better, I have a magnifying glass and better reading glasses and an almost imperceptible paintbrush.

What next- erotic art for grown up dolls' houses? Is there any such thing? Let me know if you find anything. The playboy mansion at 1/16 scale with a mini heff? I want one!

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