Monday, 26 December 2011

Angry people of the internet

I wonder who they are, these randomly angry people who live on my screen. Over time I seem to have found a way to avoid them at source- the fountain of righteous fury.. I have two settings- the first absurdly tolerant and nurturing with a desperate need for understanding of even strangers' motivation and emotions, the second- angry headmistress. The point at which I switch isn't easy to predict but it's often when I'm challenged about my motives or rudely propositioned by someone with serious entitlement issues.

I'm sure I get more than my fair share of messages in uppercase lettering. Without the internet I'm sure I'd get red ink letters. But why? What is it these people get out of relentlessly hunting down things they don't like and getting themselves in a state about it?  I understand the need to see the other side of an argument. I watch documentaries about genocide, read articles about cruelty, listen to Pink Floyd or Justin Bieber songs. Not for fun but because I like to have knowledge about these things rather than turn away or not be able to an express an informed opinion.

Why though do people go out of their way to seek out political, religious or sexual subjects where perfectly rational lucid people discuss issues only ro ramble incoherently in capital letters. At least formulate a calm and reasoned argument, or frankly it looks ridiculous and lessens any valid point you might have. Don't stalk me on facebook waiting for me to post up a picture with a flash of nipple so you can report it, don't make new profiles with stock photos of shiny models so you can scream at me in capital letters, you're not going to change my mind on anything that way. Tell me calmly using whole sentences exactly what it is about my work which upsets you or why you think it makes me a bad person and I'll do my best to understand.

Then I'll tell you why you're wrong ;)