Saturday, 26 November 2011

How to take your own photos for erotic art

I found it really hard to choose pictures for this post as generally the photos behind my work are unseen, I prefer them to be a mystery. I mainly work to commission and I wanted to share a post to help my female customers produce their own amazing images so they  really have a piece of artwork to be proud of. Not just that though- I'm happy for other artists to share this with their own potential models and for people to use this advice for their own photos however they like to use them. I'm sure the advice works the same for men, it's just that I prefer painting girls.

The original photo here was in a set used for some larger paintings but the painting had a detail which would mean it was unsuitable for viewing at work and I want this post to be acceptable for sharing. This one was used for a tiny collectible artwork seen here on the right

I hope this makes it clear that anything can be altered for the final image, colours can be changed and any details can be added or removed. I've been asked to leave out tattoos and piercings, increase bust size, take away inches on legs or belly, lengthen legs. Personally, I think you should go with whatever the good lord (or anything else) gave you but I'll do what it takes to produce an artwork you'll love.

I hope you can also see that I'm not a professional photographer, infact these were taken on a very basic compact camera before I even got my digital SLR. Anything you see in my paintings was produced from photos I took in my own house without professional models or lighting. You can do this as easily as I can and with just as much fun.

Here are the steps I take to get my images, why not try?

1 Self timer.
Arms length shots just don't work the same.

2 Research
Google image search something like erotic art or boudoir photography. If you've ever sent photos to someone over your phone- and you probably have if you're willing to send photos to me- notice the difference. Save pictures you like, find accessories and lingerie that you really love and have a really good idea of the image you want to produce. Try a few different things. You might be surprised what looks good

3 Find a buddy.
If you can, find an open minded girlfriend or gay best friend who doesn't fancy you. That's the easiest option, not the only one. If someone fancies you the session might get heated and you won't get so many pictures. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, just less productive ;) It saves as much running about if you use a self timer and it's really good fun.

4 Free your mind.
Don't worry, these photos are yours and they'll stay yours. My commission work remains private and any pictures you send me will be destroyed. You can cut your face off any photos you send me, if you don't like something just tell me to leave it out. There are many stages before you commit to something and it's a fluid process in which we work together to make the best painting we can. Relax. Have a drink if you want to. Laugh, definitely. My best paintings are not from photo sessions where everything was deadly serious, believe me :)

5 Turn off the flash.
Most important, to me. Maybe it's just how I like my paintings to look, maybe you like it. I find it too stark and it's not the sensual look I like for my paintings. Lamps you've got around the house are just what you need, or if you're doing it in daytime, lit from a window at one side. Throw a coloured piece of material over the lamp if it's too bright, or plain muslin, great for diffusing light. Candlelight can be amazing. Set your camera to a low light setting.

6 Be comfortable.
Once you've done it a couple of times you might be ready to push the boundaries a bit. First time, put on something you love to wear, find the angle you look best at, play around with angles, setting the camera from above and looking up. Lounge on your bed, in your favourite chair, on the floor. There are no rules

It's over to you. All I can tell you is, I don't want to tell you what to wear or how to pose. When I have someone round, we look at photos and pick out a few they like, if they haven't brought something to wear or decided to be naked, we find something in my wardrobe. From then, it's putting on some music and drinking a few glasses of wine... anything can happen. The photos in my albums are all so different. Classy black and white nude, boudoir lingerie shots, fun cheeky sexy shots and the few where it all goes a bit wild.

Send me some photos if you like, any more tips you need just ask me. I can find some lovely erotic photoraphy sites for you to get inspiration from. Even if you don't want a painting- the next time you try to distract your lover in the office by sending them a picture it'll be one to remember ;)

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