Saturday, 30 October 2010

getting a bloke in

I don't know why I'm puting off new photo sessions since I got my new camera. I have new props, two fantastic new outfits and still I can't seem to commit to actually geting some new photos taken.

I've been making some sweet decorative little pieces on small canvases which I'll list on etsy soon as they're dry but what I really need is a new studio session. I was thinking yesterday about trying to get men involved again. My photo sessions with men have been unsuccessful, for different reasons. Mainly because I just don't seem to know what to do with them. When I'm posing girls it's easy, I'm projecting myself through them.

It's like lingerie, girls have got endless options, guys look silly in anything but the most basic stuff, or they look great- but gay.  Same with posing them for photos or drawing. I can put them into basic life class poses but giving them the same look I give my girls is just so wrong. Funny, but wrong.

Men in my work are best used as accessories. They come with a partner who I direct around him and what happens to him in the photo session is just perfect for my work. The trouble has been that the couples have been self conscious and not believable. Girls who give me great erotic photos when they're here alone stiffen up with a man there. Strange but true.

I have a friend who does a bit of cage fighting, I thought about going along and taking pics there. Men all angry and sweaty and not wearing much. It might give me a better idea of what to do with men without feminising them and to make them a more active part of the process.

Maybe I should get a naked man of my own instead of borrowing other peoples, but they're so much nicer when you can give them back ;)

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