Sunday, 24 October 2010

Adult dating for girls

I was in bed last night after waffling on in my previous blog about the illusions which the internet gives men and I remembered this. I had a blog on adultfriendfinder, I found people there  intelligent and respectful but I guess that's because I was only blogging there. I learned so much from being there but it was a limited audience and I gave it up.

I used to feel quite guilty when I exposed the reality of it. More than 30 women to every man, the models used to advertise the site as if pneumatic blondes with perfect glamour model styling need to pay for men to queue up for random encounters. The same as those little chat boxes which pop up on porn sites appearing to be instant messages from predatory models from lads magazines who live just round the corner and want to meet YOU.

It's outrageous that the exploitation of men is allowed in this way. The truth should be at least in some small print. "these women are not actually representative of women on this site but some of them may be cam hookers so get your credit card ready, this screen is as close as you're gonna get!"

So I decided that women should have to suffer the same level of disappointment. Here's an advert I made some time ago for my new website. I reckon in a few months I'll have thousands of women paying £30 a month. But it wouldn't- there would be a public outcry if those lies were told to women. It's no wonder men get so angry. I would too.

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